You know we take our playlists pretty seriously here at Full Pedal. While each of our instructors has their own personal taste for what to move to, one thing is certain: when the song rocks, so does your workout. Music’s effect on your sweat sesh isn’t all in your head either. There is plenty of scientific evidence showing that it can make or break your workout. Here are just a few ways that the beat can make you move better, faster, and stronger!

It’s the perfect distraction.

Whether you’re crawling out of bed into the 5 a.m. class or speeding to get that after-work sweat in, some days it seems impossible to make it through an entire class. Music allows you to turn your focus into the rhythm or lyrics and away from how much the why-do-i-have-to-imagine-sprinting-up-this-hill kind of thoughts that are running through your mind. It can really make those 3-minute intervals be over before you even realize it.

It will get you in the mood.

You know that feeling: you’re struggling to push yourself through your workout when your favorite song comes on, and you feel stronger than ever. Music has an amazing and very real effect on our moods, both positively and negatively. The right tune will motivate you to do your best while making you feel strong and even confident while you pedal. The more bangers the playlist has, the more likely you are to feel good inside and out during your workouts!

It can actually BE your workout.

We offer a variety of different riding methods in our classes. Some involve riding to the rhythm while others are more technical, like hills or sprints. Studies show that either method will make your legs burn and can be crafted by the song. Sometimes Erin will pick the perfect song with a killer beat to pedal to the when the chorus hits, or Dan will have a dynamic song that’ll inspire you to make that power climb to the top.

We love the wide variety of music that our instructors play throughout the classes! We know that how you feel after you leave class is the most important part of coming to Full Pedal, and music plays a huge part in that. So next time you’re feeling a little slow coming into class, know that the beat can get you into the groove and get those good feelings flowing.