Indoor cycling is truly an amazing full body workout – especially here at Full Pedal (wink, wink). Whether you take our usual 45-minute ride, a full hour, or even just an express class, you’re bound to leave feeling sweaty and inspired. Aside from our inspiring instructors, killer playlists, and signature ride, we offer live stats throughout your entire class. While it’s awesome to see where you place in class, many don’t know why indoor cycling metrics matter. Here is a breakdown of what those numbers are plus a few reasons to keep an eye on those numbers and how it can benefit you in the long run.

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Watts are a unit of power used to quantify the rate of energy transfer. In more simple terms, this shows you how hard you’re really working in class overall. This number is a combination of resistance and pedal speed (a.k.a. RPM, see below). To pump these numbers up and really get the most from your workout, turn your resistance to the right and/or kick up those RPMs. 


This stands for “revolutions per minute,” meaning the revolution of a full pedal stroke you complete per minute. Essentially, this is your pedal speed.


You’ve probably seen MPH and your distance displayed on the screen. During your class, you’ll notice your ranking change between the WATT screen and the SPEED screen. Three factors are being calculated here: resistance, RPM, and weight. The lighter you are, the less energy it takes to gain that distance.

Now, you’re probably wondering why and how these numbers matter during your Full Pedal class.

  1. You can see where you’re at in your current ride. Whether you’re hitting sprints, climbing hills, or just trying to keep an eye on your recovery ride, you can see the numbers rise and fall before your very eyes. This gives you an idea of how you’re performing per circuit and can keep you accountable to make sure you’re hitting those high RPMs and watts instead of half-assing your sprints.
  2. You can see the effort you put in. Because our technology takes your weight into consideration, it can pretty accurately show how much effort you put into the entire class. Seeing the total energy output can let you just know how hard you worked throughout the class! This can even be helpful when you’re training for a race or just coming in for a recovery ride (we know it’s hard to not put your all in, but we totally get that sometimes you need it). Plus, as you ride more and more, you will see this number go up, which means you’re getting better and stronger – WHOO! 
  3. It gives you an edge of competition. When you have your stats on the screen you can also see where you rank in each circuit and for the entire class. Virtually race with your workout buddy or just the class in general for a little extra motivation!

It doesn’t matter if you care what the numbers read, but indoor cycling metrics can be extremely useful and helpful to track where you are and where you have been. Because let’s face it – feeling your body improve and grow stronger is pretty cool. Now get in here and get your sweat on