One of the best parts of Full Pedal is the community that continues to grow in our studios. Each rider is supportive of the next, and why? Because we’re all in this together, and that’s what makes FP so unique and special! Encouragement and respect run deep. Aside from the inside jokes with the instructors and cheering each other on in class, there are a couple cycling class etiquette tips to be an awesome, respectful rider throughout your workout at Full Pedal.

Time is of the Essence

Make sure to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class begins (unless it’s your first ride, then please arrive at least 15 minutes prior). We want to make sure that everyone is set up, clipped in, and ready to go so we can get class started as promptly as possible so we may get our sweat on and get those endorphins going on schedule! And please try not to leave class early. If you must, please let your instructor know before the start of class – but try not to make it a habit.

Smells Like Success

We know firsthand that one of the downfalls of an amazing workout is a less-than-amazing smell. However, we do ask that you (and your gear) come into class as odorless as you can. That means keep the body sprays and the perfumes for after class. Many of us are trying to kill our workout and are out of breath as it is, and inhaling someone’s freshly applied “spring flower” aroma makes it sever times more difficult.

Unplug & Tune In

Leave your cell phones alone! While we understand that life is chaotic, your time on the bike is time for you to take for yourself – it’s just 45 minutes! Not only that, but the light of your phone is distracting to everyone around you. There’s no need to check your Facebook, send a text, or even answer a phone call. If you’re expecting a phone call, let your instructor know beforehand or leave your phone at the desk so we can come get you if it rings. Unplug, zone out, focus on your workout, and love the movement. We promise the world will still be there when you finish up.

With these cycling class etiquette tips, we just want to ensure that all of our riders are having a fun time and getting in a killer workout while being a part of the FP community that we love so much. Remember, we are all in this together – now let’s get our sweat on together! Book your bikes, and we’ll see you in there.