The weather is heating up, and we know your workouts are, too! I mean, who doesn’t want to be confident and strong while sporting those short shorts or lounging on the beach? But don’t forget that if you’re not also focusing on what you’re fueling your body with, you won’t see the best results. We have a few tips on how to spring clean your diet and to make sure you’re sunshine-ready!

Get Your Cook On

The best way to ensure you’re putting healthy foods into your body is by cooking at home. Whether you’re a meal-prep kind of person or a fresh-dinner-on-the-table family, it can save you a lot of extra calories. Utilize fresh, seasonal produce with lean proteins to give your body exactly what it needs (but hey, sometimes your body needs a nice dinner out – it’s all about balance).

Close to Home

With every change of season comes fresh, yummy seasonal produce! Eating in season will not only save you a few bucks, but it can also provide more of a nutritional punch. Your fruits and veggies are less likely to lose nutritional value since they won’t have to travel as far, and it won’t have all of the treatments to make it last longer. Luckily it’s almost farmers market season, so getting your hands on some should be much easier (and tastier)!

Cheers to Your Health

Now that the bulk of the holidays are behind us, consider cutting back on alcohol consumption. Not only will you feel better (no more slow Sunday hangovers), but you’re more likely to stick to your workout and eating plan if you don’t over do it on drinks. Plus, not only does alcohol have empty calories, but it will also slow your body’s fat burning process AND dehydrate you. That makes it that much harder for you to reach your fitness goals, so think twice!

Sweat and Sip

And on that note, now that the sun’s out and the weather is warming up, it’s extremely important to drink a lot of water – especially if you’re exercising during the day. You’re more likely to be sweating more, and the high temps can allow dehydration to sneak up on you. (Here’s a hint: we have sweet insulated water bottles to take with you everywhere…)

There are so many ways to spring clean your diet to let your body be the best it can be, and all it takes is a little extra effort. But believe us, your body will definitely thank you. Stay tuned for recipes and more tips on our Facebook and Instagram, and feel free share your favorite recipes with us!