Whitney Ginsburg


OUTSIDE THE PEDAL ROOM: By day I’m a Project Manager for a digital performance marketing agency. When I’m not working, you’re likely to find me exercising. I love living up to my nickname “cardio queen” by running, swimming, hiking, and being active whenever I can. I also love spending time in the kitchen meal prepping intricate lunches and baking. Friends and family love (and maybe hate) me for bringing cookies, cakes, and brownies to every event and occasion.

GO-TO RECOVERY FUEL: Coffee. Being a morning workout person, coffee motivates me and is always there for me after a tough workout. My post-workout go-to breakfast is toast with an over-easy egg and avocado.

IDEA OF HAPPINESS: Watching the sunset at a beachfront restaurant with a glass of red wine…and petting a dog. There’s a dog on my happiness beach.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching The Bachelor. Every season I say it’s the last one I’ll watch, and it never is.

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I bedazzled (glued rhinestones) 300 bottles of the ranch for Hidden Valley Ranch that were given to celebrities in gift baskets and blasted on social media. This was my 5 minutes of fame.