Clipping in when indoor cycling brings multiple benefits to your workout. When you clip in to your pedals, you’re able to ride more efficiently with less fatigue. The biggest benefit of clipping in is the ability to push and pull your pedal strokes, allowing you to use different muscles. Here at Full Pedal, we require clipping in, as it provides for a safer ride and allows for greater efficiency while engaging more muscle groups. At both our locations, we have SPD compatible pedals.

So why do we like clipping in?

Safety is number one for us at Full Pedal. When you clip in, you are able to securely attach to the pedal, as efficiently as possible, connecting yourself to the bike. This gives you the ability to to get the most out of your indoor cycling ride in the safest way.

When clipping in, there is greater efficiency in the transfer of power and a more balanced use between quads and hamstrings, which gives more stability for your knees. When you are pushing down you are using more of you quadricep muscle, and when you are pulling back up, your hamstrings and gluteus maximus are more engaged. Without clip-in shoes, it is a lot more difficult to pull your pedal up with the activation of your hamstrings and glutes, so you end up only using your quadricep muscles.

When your foot is placed in the right position on the bike, your stability allows you to get the most out of your workout. Because your feet will not be slipping, you can concentrate more on your alignment and power generation. Remember, RPM’s (rotations per minute) + Intensity = Watts produced.

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