Go Ahead… Set that New Year’s Resolution!

We’ve reached that time of year when we reflect on the year we are about to put behind us and think about the new year in front of us. With that comes the big “R” word: Resolution. You’ve set them before (lose weight, spend less, declutter…you know the drill), but often times you go full […]

Get Healthy With Your Favorite Fall Foods

The chill is in the air, which means one of our favorite seasons is upon us: AUTUMN. Not only do temperatures start to fall, but we get a whole new set of tasty (and incredibly nutritious) seasonal food is at its peak. We LOVE eating in season – especially in this season. Not only do […]

Staying Healthy is Possible at Summer BBQs

Summer BBQ season is upon us, and while we absolutely love spending time laughing and celebrating the warm weather with our friends and family over amazing food, it can often get in the way of your fitness goals no matter how hard you work out! Abs are made in the kitchen after all! Here are […]

Spring Clean Your Diet for Your Strongest Body Ever

The weather is heating up, and we know your workouts are, too! I mean, who doesn’t want to be confident and strong while sporting those short shorts or lounging on the beach? But don’t forget that if you’re not also focusing on what you’re fueling your body with, you won’t see the best results. We […]

Get Back on Track: Tips for Getting Back to a Healthy Lifestyle

Get Back on Track: Tips for Getting Back to a Healthy Lifestyle As we head into February, many of us are still working toward the goals that we created for the new year. We get a lot of inquiries for tips and tricks on how we are keeping healthy, but honestly, we’re not always on […]

Meal Prepping for Successful Healthy Eating Habits

Staying healthy during the busy holiday season can be a little rough. With school being in session, sugar and sweets being in abundance, alcoholic drinks during holiday parties, it can be easy to slip up. We find that meal prepping helps us make smarter decisions and keeps us on track during this busy season. Here […]

Fall Is Here – Keep A Balanced Lifestyle

Who else thinks this summer went by WAY too fast? Although we must admit, these crisp mornings we’ve been having have felt quite refreshing. With the seasons changing, it’s time to finish your summer strong and keep your momentum into the new season. The transition into fall brings many changes – leaves changing color, pumpkin […]