Taking Indoor Cycling To The Outdoors

It’s important to note that the bikes we have at Full Pedal are different from your road, cross or mountain bikes. The reality is that outdoor cycling and indoor cycling are very different, however, there are some benefits to indoor cycling that will strengthen your outdoor riding. Indoor cycling is a great source to help train […]

Healthy Summer Tips

When it comes to summertime, we all want to look our best, but we also want to enjoy all our fun summer activities. Unfortunately, a lot of these summer activities include unhealthy food and alcoholic beverages, which can put a damper on our summer bods. Here are some healthy summer tips to help you stay […]

Tips to Staying Hydrated

It only takes a 1-2% loss of your body’s water content to cause dehydration. Here are some ways to help you stay hydrated: 1) Have a glass of water before each meal 2) Add a slice of lemon, lime or basil to your water to give it some flavor without adding any extra calories 3) […]

Improve Your Pedal Stroke

Ever wondered what leg muscles you utilize on the bike?? This diagram highlights the key muscles that eccentrically and concentrically contract throughout the push and pull phases of your power stroke. Using all of these muscles will increase your power, speed and overall stamina!

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling

Don’t let the warm weather keep you away!  Not only did indoor win on the fun and safe scales, but when compared to outdoor cycling was shown to increase one’s heart rate 20% more and burn at least 200 more calories on average! Click here for more!

Proper Bike Set Up

Proper bike set up is one of the most important parts of a successful ride.  It puts your body in proper riding form, preventing injury, ensuring the most effective workout, and giving you one less thing to battle on the bike. To make your rides smoother, easier, and way more beneficial, here are the top four […]