201, 2019

Go Ahead… Set that New Year’s Resolution!

We’ve reached that time of year when we reflect on the year we are about to put behind us and think about the new year in front of us. With that comes the big “R” word: Resolution. You’ve set them before (lose weight, spend less, declutter…you know the drill), but often times you go full steam ahead only to fizzle out by February (if you even make it that far). [...]

1310, 2018

Music Can Rock Your Workout

You know we take our playlists pretty seriously here at Full Pedal. While each of our instructors has their own personal taste for what to move to, one thing is certain: when the song rocks, so does your workout. Music’s effect on your sweat sesh isn’t all in your head either. There is plenty of scientific evidence showing that it can make or break your workout. Here are just a [...]

809, 2018

Get Healthy With Your Favorite Fall Foods

The chill is in the air, which means one of our favorite seasons is upon us: AUTUMN. Not only do temperatures start to fall, but we get a whole new set of tasty (and incredibly nutritious) seasonal food is at its peak. We LOVE eating in season - especially in this season. Not only do we get to eat a lot of our favorite comfort foods, but they keep us [...]

1808, 2018

Falling Back into Routine

Let’s be honest, there are so many reasons that summer is one of the most loved seasons we get. Lake days, family vacations, floating the river, endless sunshine, and losing track of the days - what more could we need? However, like all good things, summer must come to an end, which means getting your family and yourself back into a routine...and it’s always a lot more difficult than we [...]

2107, 2018

Staying Healthy is Possible at Summer BBQs

Summer BBQ season is upon us, and while we absolutely love spending time laughing and celebrating the warm weather with our friends and family over amazing food, it can often get in the way of your fitness goals no matter how hard you work out! Abs are made in the kitchen after all! Here are a few ways that you can stay focused on your goals while still enjoying time [...]

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